Road-use fees have been in effect in the Czech Republic since 1995. Under the legislation contained in Act No. 13/1997 Coll., on roads, as amended, pricing is determined by the type of vehicle and distance traveled on a toll road (toll) or by time period for the use of toll roads (time fee). Toll roads can be used by a motor vehicle (automobile) with at least four wheels. The largest permissible weight shall not exceed 3.5 tons only after payment of the time fee. The gross vehicle weight contained in the vehicle’s registration papers determines the vehicle’s category. If a trailer is connected to a vehicle their total weight is not calculated. Proof of purchase of the time fee is a valid vignette.

The time fee can be paid in a calendar year, one month, or ten days with the purchase of an annual, monthly, or ten-day vignette.

The State Fund for Transport Infrastructure has issued and sold vignettes since January 1, 2007 and can entrust other legal entities with activities related to vignettes.

The State Fund for Transport Infrastructure, in cooperation with the State Printing Works of Securities, used various protective anti-counterfeiting elements for security purposes in the production of 2015 vignettes. The authenticity of a vignette can be verified by the vehicle-shaped element printed in variable color. The element changes color (from pink to green) and is located at the bottom of the first part of the vignette. The protective element is partially covered by a holographic foil. The underlying paper of the 2015 vignettes is white.

Leaflets in three languages in which the aforementioned protective element is clearly marked are available at sale outlets. Please note that vignettes can only be purchased at sales outlets marked with this symbol. [here]

The fee must be paid prior to the use of toll roads. Using toll roads without a valid vignette can result in the issuing of a ticket with a fine up to CZK 5,000 in administrative proceedings and a maximum fine up to 100,000 CZK.