Exemptions from tolls and charges

Exemptions from tolls and charges are governed by § 20a of the Act No. 13/1997 Coll., about roads, as amended:

1. Vehicles not charged for the use of toll roads must be:

a) equipped with special warning light according to a special law provided the vehicle is:

1) of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic,

2) a provider of emergency medical services, emergency patient transport, and medical transport services,

3) a component of the integrated rescue system not discussed in points 1 and 2,

b) of the Ministry of Interior used by the State Police of the Czech Republic, and bearing the inscription "POLICE",

c) of the armed forces of the Czech Republic, including vehicles used by the Military Police and bearing the inscription "MILITARY POLICE" and vehicles of the armed forces of another state on the basis of mutual agreement,

d) the customs authorities bearing the inscription "CUSTOMS",

e) Fire and Rescue Service and volunteer fire units bearing the inscription “FIRE DEPARTMENT”,

f) the municipal or city police bearing the inscription "MUNICIPAL POLICE",

g) of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic with special coloring and labeling according to a special legal regulation,

h) transporting severely disabled citizens who are by law holders of a ZTP card, except those disabled by practical or complete deafness or holders of a ZTP/P card if the card holder is himself/herself affected or a person close to him/her,

i) carrying dependent children who are being treated for a malignant tumor or hemoblastosis,

j) kept in the register of road vehicles of members of diplomatic missions

k) run a home for people with disabilities, serves for the transport of persons with disabilities,

l) when conducting rescue and relief work and to protect the population,

m) Administration of State Material Reserves during the transport state material reserves or state humanitarian aid in crisis situations under a special legal regulation

n) the administrator of toll roads.

2. If necessary during a road closing under § 24 of the Act, Use for Detours, it is possible to use this road free of charge.

3. In the event of a warning or regulation signal for PM 10 suspended particles pursuant to special legislation, it is possible to use selected sections of roads established by special legislation free of charge until the signal stops.