Use of vignettes

The complete surface of part one of the vignette must be attached to the bottom right of the inside of the windscreen of the motor vehicle, so that driver’s view is obstructed as little as possible and the vignette is clearly visible from the outside.

Umístění nálepky

If the vehicle is not equipped with a windscreen, the complete surface of part one of the vignette must be directly attached to the right front of the vehicle and firmly attached to the supporting parts. The vignette must be positioned so that it can be inspected and must be protected from direct spray from the vehicle’s wheels.

The part two of the vignette is to be kept with the driver for inspection by the Police of the Czech Republic or the Czech Customs Administration.

Both front parts of the vignette must have the vehicle registration number (hereinafter referred to as "VRN") filled in so that it matches the technical license of the vehicle.

A vignette is valid provided the following conditions are met:

  • It matches to the decreed model.
  • It indicates the VRN (on both parts of the vignette) which corresponds to the VRN on the technical license of the vehicle. In case the vehicle registration number changes, the vignette does not change and remains valid even with the old VRN.
  • Both parts of the vignette have the same label, i.e. a six-letter series and serial number.
  • Ten-day and monthly vignettes must have the part one of the vignette attached to the windscreen with the designated validity marked (the vendor will make a hole with punch pliers). A vignette with validity shorter than one year without a valid date is invalid and must be removed from the vehicle.

When buying ten-day and monthly vignettes, drivers should check whether the vendor had marked the beginning of the vignette’s validity prior to filling in the VRN.

The vignette is non-transferable. After it has been attached to the windscreen, it cannot be used for another vehicle.

Expired vignettes must be removed from the windscreen.